Below are testimonials from just a handful of our customers who have been using the Agri-Cam for their livestock:

"High Quality System and very easy to use, great group of lads very efficient and tidy installation" James Pye Co. Leitrim 


"Couldn't be happier with the cameras, I am only sorry I didn't put them in sooner, and as for the aftersales service you just couldn't beat it!" Raymond Palmer Co. Donegal


"Spot on system, and great value. Very helpful support over the phone when camera arrived." Niall Gallivin, Co. Kerry


"Best system I've ever put in. Going to the shed has been cut down by about 90% at night. Very happy with price too."  Brian Swan


"Very good job. Very pleased with the camera, perfect for calving season. Doesn't matter what part of the country I am in, I can see whats happening. I have recommended it to everyone I know that hs a farm."  Brian Dugera Co. Donegal


"Grand job. Suits me for what I need. Very happy with the price!" Eamon McMahon Co. Monaghan


"I have 2 cameras. I find the quality very good. The service is excellent. Camera is very easy to use with the different programmable zones." Gerard Cotter, Co. Clare


"Absolutely brilliant, did not think it would be as good as it is. Super!"  Andrew Wilson, Castlefinn


"Delighted with my camera system. I have 2 cameras and I can watch them both on my phone any time, any where. Easy to use and cheap to run."  Peter Guckian Co. Leitrim