Point to point systems

Point to Point instructional diagram

While the standard Agri-Cam system works with a mobile broadband dongle, we also provide point-to-point camera systems. This is ideal for those who have direct line of sight from there home to where the camera will be situated. Distance is not important, as long as you have direct line of sight. In order to avail of this, you must meet the criteria below.

-You must have fixed line home broadband

-Clear line of sight between home and shed

point to point plug and play system setup


This option uses your existing broadband and allows you to view the camera from home or anywhere in the world on any internet ready device.

If you choose this set-up, you still have both of the camera options, so we can tailor the camera to best suit your needs.

**Because there is an installation charge with this service, you must call our office on 071 98 33101 or 0719833102 in order to place your order.**