How it works

Camera image

The Agri-Cam is a 360º camera that is controlled remotely using a computer, smartphone, or Tablet. It is installed onto a fixed point in a shed and can be rotated so you can see each end of the area you want to keep an eye on.

All that is needed is a mobile internet connection which we provide, and two electrical plug sockets near where you want the camera to be placed.

The Agri-Cam is housed in a weather-proof housing so it will last much longer than the other cameras on the Irish market.

The end result? You will have a solid, problem-free system that allows you to see what is happening in real-time, giving you peace of mind and knowing that your livestock and premises are safe.

While the vast majority of customers only require one camera, additional cameras can be added to provide even more security for your premises for extra peace of mind. Also there is an optional night-vision camera, if you decide to order from us over the phone and not on the website be very specific when ordering, to ensure you get the right type of camera to suit your  particular needs.



Installation of our camera system is basic and straightforward, however we also offer an installation and step-by-step guide on how the camera system works at an extra cost. This could be the best option for those who dont have much time on their hands or would prefer to make things as easy as possible.