Welcome to Agricam

The Agri-Cam by Alpha Communications (based in Donegal) is the most advanced, easy to operate calving camera system on the Irish market.

It combines the latest technology with an easy-to-use system that works around the clock so you never miss what is happening with your livestock or whatever else you may need to keep an eye on.

An easy to use interface combined with instant zooming and pan/tilt functions makes the Agri-Cam the best choice for those who may not be the most tech-savvy. With different models of camera available, you can tailor your new camera system to your needs to get the best value possible.


AgriCam A5 flyer (2)


Value for money

There are several online companies selling the same product as ourselves at a higher price, we are committed to doing as much of the configuration as possible ourselves to reduce the costs, and keeping our orders large to minimise shipping charges. Because of this, we are delighted to be able to provide our customers with high quality agricultural surveillance systems at the most competitive prices on the market.


"You will not find another complete and fully programmed

 premium camera system on the market at this price, that is our promise to you."